LightSwitch 2011 Application Deployment

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me regarding the feasibility of LightSwitch 2011 Built with Visual Studio 2010 for Web application deployment through Octopus?
The generated xap file is used for deployment.

The Current process is once the Project is packaged from the solution,

  1. XAP file is created.
  2. We Change it to zip file and open servicesreference.ClientConfig file.
  3. We change the details servicesreference.ClientConfig to the respective environment and change it back to XAP
  4. Deploy in the respective environment.


Hi Sanket,

Thanks for reaching out.

This is officially the first time someone asks about deploying that kind of application. So as you can imagine, Octopus doesn’t have a built-in support exactly for this scenario. But given the steps you described, I don’t see why you couldn’t fit this into Octopus. What I’d do is first deploy the contents of the package into a Custom Installation Directory to use as a working directory, then use a set of Powershell steps to perform steps 1-3, and then a final Powershell step to copy the massaged files to the final directory where the app needs to be.

Hope that helps giving you some ideas. If you have more specific questions feel free to ask them here. Like I said, Octopus doesn’t have a built-in way to deploy this kind of application, but perhaps with your knowledge about this process and mine of the tool, we can work something out :slight_smile:

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