Lifecycles not showing

I’ve just upgraded our Octopus Server and Tentacles to but I can’t see the Lifecycles feature on any of my projects (there is no Lifecycles tab on the project screen):

Also when creating a new project I get a validation error when trying to save the new project

I updated from version and installed the update to all the tentacles. I can confirm I have the new version as it shows as at the bottom of the page when on the Octopus site
The installation of the updated version reported no errors, however once installed I did have to reinstall the service that runs as it could not start the service - said that the file could not be found for the Octopus.exe service when starting the service.
According to

“If you have an existing Octopus installation, upon upgrading to 2.6 your first Lifecycles should have been created based on your existing environments and project group settings. Project groups no longer define environments that they belong to, but now projects can be limited to environments based on their Lifecycle. They can only deploy to and be seen by environments in their defined Lifecycle.”

This has clearly not happened? Is there a way to force this creation process after the installation?

Response from Dalmiro Grañas at Octopus:

Delete your browser’s cache and try again. We’ve seen this odd behavior on other customer where they can see the 2.6.x at the bottom, but their UI is still missing 2.6 features. It gets fixed after deleting the cache.

I didn’t make it clear in the last post but clearing the browser cache fixed the issue for me

Hi Dave,

Thanks for copying the answer here so other users can see it. Great community spirit!