Lifecycles incorrectly says "not being used in any projects"

When viewing a Lifecycle the Usage tab always says “This lifecycle is not being used in any projects” as per this screenshot. However this is not correct.


Trying to delete the lifecycle shows that it is in use as the validation kicks in and the deletion is prevented.

Feel free to login to our instance if you want to take a look for yourself.

I came across this issue Lifecycles not showing Projects using it in 3.3.12 - #4 by Daniel_Fischer which seems to be exactly the same but was for onprem and has since been resolved.

Hi @darren.woodford,

Thanks for reaching out and for that permission to log into your instance.

We will take a look at your instance shortly and get back to you, this does look like you might be running into a bug.

Thanks for your patience while we work through this.


Hi @darren.woodford,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

The team was wondering if you used the export/import feature to migrate from local to the cloud instance? We suspect something in that process might have caused the Usage page to work incorrectly.

Would it be possible to try manually changing one of the channel’s Lifecycles to something other than Jenkins, save it, then change it back to Jenkins to see if your Usage page displays correctly? If that works, please let us know.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


Yes. All of our projects were exported/imported from local to cloud.

The usage page doesn’t show anything for any of our lifecycles. Changing the Feedback System project from Jenkins to something else and back again didn’t make any difference. Incidentally it didn’t show up against the “Autodeploy to DEV” lifecycle I temporarily assigned it to either.

Hi @darren.woodford,

Thanks for getting back to us with that information.

We’ve done some extensive testing on your instance. We suspect this is an issue with the import/export feature. I was able to confirm with a new project and new lifecycle that the Usage tab was working correctly.
We were wondering if we could get a copy of one of your earliest export if possible? So far we’ve been unable to reproduce this behavior on our end in a test instance. I’ve created a secure upload link for you here, please Direct Message me the export password if this is something you can do for us.
Would you mind if one of our developers jumped onto your instance to take a look? They will be on later this afternoon as they are based out of Australia.

Right now the only solution that we’re aware of is to re-create the Lifecycle and re-link the Projects/Channels as necessary.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


I have messaged your directly regarding the uploaded files. Incidentally I created a new Lifecycle called “Test Lifecycle” linked the Fusion project to that but it doesn’t show up on the Usage tab of thenew Lifecycle so I’m not sure your workaround works.

I am having the same problem. I don’t know when it started, but i noticed the number of log in TaskLogs are piling up.

As Darren , I created a new life cycle and moved a project into it and it the usage tab of the newly created life-cycle says no projects.

Hi @patrickp,

I apologize we moved to DMs and I didn’t update the thread here.

It looks like Automatic Release creation is the culprit in this case. We have a Github for this issue here and I’ve appended the Usage tab being broken as well to it. It appears this bug is referencing the same internal objects and is only present in the latest release of Octopus.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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Hi @garrett.dass ,

Thank you for the info. I see the issue on Github.


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