Lifecycle "Required to progress" exact number ...?


On our lifecycle we have 4 dev environments and the Required to progress is set as 2, but this should mean at least 2 - not exactly 2 right?? The lifecycle looks to be intended to restrict further environments (i.e. Regression) from having a deployment until at least 2 dev deployments have taken place but what I am seeing on my project dashboard is that once 2 dev environments have been deployed, the Deploy buttons disappear for the other 2 dev environments. I do not want this, I want the deploy buttons for dev to stay and then the deploy button for regression to become active too.

Is there anyway to change this behaviour? I’m using version (which funnily enough is NOT semantic versioning as it has one too many octets!)


Hi Gavin,

Thanks for getting in touch! I agree that the behavior here is not what should be expected, and the deploy buttons should still remain.
There is no workaround or setting you can change.
I have put in an issue to have this updated, and you can track it here:

Thanks for reporting this!

Thanks Vanessa - feel free to close this ticket now with the issue existing within GitHub