License renewal - alerts?


Just wondering what we can expect from a license renewal perspective when the end of our license approaches. Will we get any form of alert, or can this feature be configured? Or do we just have to make a date in the calendar and keep it in mind?

Many thanks

Hi Luke,

Thanks for getting in touch. We do two things to better understand when you’re license is expiring.

  • We email the contact provided at the time of purchase. We send email alerts before expiry, the day it’s expiring and then a final reminder two months afterwards. If you renew within that timeframe, you won’t receive further notifications.

  • Octopus 3.12.0 and newer show a subtle license expiry notifications as per the following blog post.

The Configuration > License page tells you if your license is expiring/expired and we also show a notification indicating the same thing.

Hope this helps!



Thanks for your mail. I’m not in the office. I’ll get back to you tomorrow.


Perfect, thanks Rob. Good on you mate.