Large Scale Octopus


(thomas.illingworth) #1

Hi, 2 main questions:

  1. Was there a follow-up to this post? I tried searching but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for:
  2. We have a project with 100 steps, each step uses the same template but deploys a different package. We’re currently mid debate about how best to handle the project and are between keeping it as it is and making it tenanted (but this doesn’t feel like the correct solution).

We’re currently in the process of moving Octopus to a new server and have scope to completely change how we’re doing things so any suggestions would be great.



(Derek Campbell) #2

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We’ve posted a number of blog posts around performance over the past year as it’s been something we have been looking to improve and it’s been a recent focus. Out of interest, which version are you currently using? has a range of good pointers for improving the performance of your octopus instance. Have you considered an HA setup? We have a range of performance improvements this year so it would be beneficial to be on a recent version and we have Spaces being released soon which should help also.

Your conundrum around your 100 step process for each client having a different package looks like a good candidate for multi-tenancy. What is missing from multi-tenancy to make it the right solution?

It sounds like we would both benefit from getting on a call and going over your current issues and see where we can help you further. Is this something that would be of interest?



(thomas.illingworth) #3

Hi Derek,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Generally we will be either the latest version or are a few minor versions behind so we generally have the latest and greatest features on offer. We’ve made use of multi-tenancy in some of our other projects (we really couldn’t adopt this fast enough) and it made a huge difference. The only thing holding us back in this case was that it would be differing packages that would be deployed all under a single step. If this is how it was designed to be used then great! I’ll get straight to work on that improvement in our new setup. I believe early on we imagined this feature to represent a set of customers who all got the same software solution with different configuration and so we’ve been hesitant to utilize it for this.

Spaces is the next big feature I’m excited to work with as it’s something that could have a big impact on how we manage things in Octopus. I try to keep up to date with your latest blogs to keep up with anything of interest.

Over the last several years as Octopus has grown and our knowledge has deepened we’ve slowly improved how we work as a whole but now we have an opportunity to rebuild from scratch and trim the fat. It’s possible that a call to go over some of our setup and what we’re trying to achieve could be very helpful. I’ll be putting a list together soon of any areas where we’re unsure and it might be that a call could be a huge help.

If I find myself with several questions or scenarios that need resolving and require some help I’ll get back in touch and arrange a call.

Thanks for the help


(Derek Campbell) #4

Hi Thomas,

I think we could get Multi-Tenancy working for your process. It’s built to have different packages on different release cycles as clients generally have slight differing requirements and different release cycles. The idea with multi-tenancy is to have slightly varied software per client. You may need to look at changing your application though and we have some great articles on our site that are helpful and its subpages. You can group tenants though which are on the same release cycles

Please do get in touch if we can help further.