Large Scale Deployments

My team has started using Octopus recently (as we love it!) but we are in the process of pushing our entire company to use it. They love the idea, but there are two related (potential) roadblocks in the way.

  1. A number of my co-workers are concerned about large scale deployments. The team I currently work on supports ~40 clients, totaling about 120 machines. If we were to work on migrating this to everyone, we could easily hit well over 1000’s machines. Has anyone tested this? How would it affect the speed of a full tentacle Health Check? Or upgrading the tentacles? What about Polling tentacles? With 1000 machines polling the server, I could see that potentially being an issue, but I don’t know how much strain a polling tentacle causes on the server.

  2. On a related note, I know it was once possible to use a license to create multiple instances of the Server. Is there a workaround to allow this, so that each team could potentially have their own deployment server? This would help alleviate stress on the server, so I understand the potential for abuse, so I wasn’t sure if there was a way of validating that it was all for the same company.


  1. We have a number of clients running Octopus installations of this magnitude and don’t believe there are any significant impediments you’ll hit. The biggest challenge is the clutter of unrelated information in each view - i.e. showing everyone’s projects/environments etc. on those pages is a lot of information when large numbers of unrelated groups use the same server instance.

Having multiple servers also makes it easier to schedule maintenance and so-on aroung the requirements of each user group, making it a bit easier than “global” coordination.

For these reasons, 2) is a worthwhile strategy to evaluate.

  1. The Octopus EULA permits up to 3 servers per purchased license; just using the same license key on each of the three boxes is fine. In my understanding two licenses will support up to six boxes, and so-on: if you decide to take this route, getting in touch with sales@ is a good idea to confirm details.

Hope this helps,