Large projects

We have a very large project with many steps during a deployment. Eg. we have 5 different websites which should be installed, we have approx 10 different services that has to be deployed and restarted+++

It would be great if I group the steps like I do in an Add child step.

The only solution I see now is to add a Script-step with no content and then add eg. the service deployments as sub steps of this one.

But this feels “wrong” is it possible to group them in another way to make the whole setup more readable?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently steps in packages are a very flat concept except for the child steps as you have stated.
Your workaround currently would be the only way to group steps, if you are looking for order.
Could you explain a little more about the need for this. Is it purely from a visual standpoint ?
If it were to be built as the ‘perfect’ feature what would you like to see?
I will create a UserVoice for the suggestion pending further feedback.