Large go live with multiple projects

Hi Guys,

So currently I have several projects, mainly using global variables from the library, but a couple use project specific variables as there are conflicting values in the config values which mean the variables can’t at the moment be put in the same place.

I want to do a big go live into production of these 8 projects, possibly using a specific implementation workflow that is for this implementation.

I know I could do a push to production for each project, but I was wondering if people have created a project specificly for a specific go live action, that somehow involved pushing the releases from other projects? I want to get to the point where I have a unified workflow that works through all the other projects, with specific deployment steps, pause actions etc. After this go live event, we will probably trash the project and continue deploying using the separate projects we have already.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out. Plenty of users do this with Octopus, and the recommended way is to have a Project/Channel that works as “Orchestrator”, which simply has calls to Octo.exe to trigger deployments on other projects.

Hope that helps,