Label for prompted variable not showing

After a recent upgrade, I found that the process for prompted variables changed, and there was a new link saying ‘Show editor’ on a variable value. When clinking this, the settings for using a prompt were not showing.
I then saw in release 3.11.1 there was a fix for this:
3211 - Fixed issue with variable prompt settings not displaying in variable value editor
This has improved the problem, as I can now see the description, however the ‘Label’ value is still not visible. I have a number of prompted variables, but now have no way of seeing/editing the labels for these.
Screenshot attached to show how it looks currently.


Thanks for getting in touch.
It does indeed appear to have disappeared. I have created a GitHub Issue for you to keep an eye on its progress, but I will ensure it gets addressed in the next couple of days.
I hope this isn’t blocking your deployments in the meantime.
Thanks again,

Thanks Rob, I’ve just updated to 3.11.4 and see the prompt label has now returned. Thanks for the quick action!