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When we are trying to Deploying for a Lab - for example we select Tenant1 which belongs to Tenant Tag Set 1. Then if we select another Tenant Tag Set [Tenant Tag Set2] then the octopus Deployments happens on the combination of both these values. with Tenant1 and Tenant Tag Set2 the Deployment should not happen but in our case the deployments happened on the servers where it was not intended. Could you please explain on the relation between Tenant and Tenant Tag Set, ideally here it should not allow us to deploy the releases. Will the octopus wont compare the Tenant with Tenant Tag Set Value and stop the release ?

Sujesh Sasidharan

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When selecting tenant tags that the deployment should target, these are treated in a Match All fashion. So, if you select Tag 1 and Tag 2, then only Tenants that have both of those tags applied will be included in the deployment.
Matches on Tag 1:

Matches on Tag 2:

No matches on Tag 1 + Tag 2:

When you’re selecting multiple tags for your deployment are you seeing tenants that don’t have the tags being included?


If you are seeing additional tenants being selected in that screen that you believe should be excluded.
Would you be able to click the Tenant Preview button and send a screenshot of the selected tags and tenants shown?

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the quick reply on this topic. As shown below in the screenshot. we are selecting a Tenant Called - Tenant 1 and then selecting a Tenant Tag Set Called - Tenant Tag Set 1. Tenant Tag Set 1 has 3 machines/Tenants associated with it but since we have selected only one tenant it should provide us the matching value as 1 tenant but it shows as all the 3 tenants.

Thanks for the further clarification.

Selecting a specific Tenant doesn’t act as an additional filter for the tag sets chosen.
It allows you to either select tenants without specifying any tag sets or adds specific tenants to the deployment that aren’t included in the tag set.
Tenant 2 is the only one in this Tag set:

But I can add Tenant 1 to the deployment by specifically selecting it.

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