Kubernetes "Octopus.*" labels

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I see that when any kubernetes resources are deployed, Octopus adds labels that help identify how it was deployed. These all start with an “Octopus.” prefix e.g. “Octopus.Project.Id”.

Is there a way to configure/change this prefix or label format e.g. to “octopus.com/projectId
Or to stop labelling entirely for a “Deploy raw Kubernetes YAML” task?


To add some further detail and a use-case -

I am evaluating Google Config Connector to create resources in GCP alongside our applications. The connector creates labels on the resources it creates and these “Octopus.*” names are invalid for label keys in GCP. The connector won’t try to create GCP labels that have prefixes such as “my.prefix/key”.

Hi @alexjeffreys,

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news once again but at the moment those values are hard-coded into our steps and are used by Octopus during the deployment.

The only way I can imagine to not have these would be to use a regular run a script step and code the creation of the resources yourself, which would ultimately defeat the purpose of using one of our kubernetes steps.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to provide you with good news today, but please don’t hesitate to get back in touch in the future should you have any issues.

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Thanks again for a swift response @adam.hollow :slight_smile:
I’ll try to approach the Google Config Connector project and see if they can offer a way to somehow ignore or transform the labels keys.

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