Kubernetes Ingress TLS sets certificate only (not full chain)

Hi ! I have a valid certificate & chain in Octopus’s Certificate store.

I’m deploying a kubernetes container and the “Ingress TLS” step uses the cert. via variable:

However, after the deploy, only the certificate is sent to Kubernetes, it’s missing the chain certificate:

Any suggestions on how to get the full certificate chain to kubernetes ?

The tls.crt should look like this:


My server’s version: 2020.2.16

Hi @Chris03!

Thanks for reaching out - we’ve recently identified this issue in Octopus, and pushed a fix for it. Sadly, it won’t be out until 2020.4, but if you take a look at the Issue, you should be able to use the workaround listed for now.

I hope this helps!

Good to know, didn’t see that issue.
I’ll setup the workaround until the update.

Thanks a lot.

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