Kubernetes certificate variable binding

For the “Deploy kubernetes containers” step there is the option to update the ingress TLS and provide a certificate. I would like to use an octo registered cert rather than point to a secret but I’m coming up against an issue whereby the value that I am forced to pick has to be of a certificate type and does not allow variable binding. I want this step to be utilised by multiple tenants across multiple environments which means I need the certificate selection to be dynamically selected by scope.

Can you think of a better way around this or could a feature request be raised to support variable binding here?

Hi @dingus,

Thanks for getting in touch!

That part of the step uses variables binding by default and will look for any variable of type certificate when you open the drop-down. You can then assign multiple values to that certificate variable and scope them as needed.


Yes absolutely right and that works great if I’m using it across environments only but I need it across tenants as well. So in this case I’m looking to bind it to a template variable.

Something Like:

Library Set Template Variable = SSL CERT

Library Variables:

    • Alpha Scope = “My Alpha UK Cert”
    • Beta Scope = “My Beta UK Cert”
    • Alpha Scope = “My Alpha USA Cert”
    • Beta Scope = “My Beta USA Cert”



THEN… in the kubernetes deploy step for the certificate field I can simply use #{SSL_CERT} and I’m scoped for all use cases.

The problem being that as you say it only looks for vars of type Certificate where in this case I would need the Template Variable to be a Single Line Text Field to achieve this dynamic scoping (see my last post with I believe you helped me on where we went over a very similar issue with account binding).

That’s correct. You can bind it directly to a Project Template Variable or Library Set Template Variable that are set to a Certificate type but using additional levels of nesting and a Single Line Text variable isn’t going to be possible.

We do have a uservoice site for changes and feature suggestions. It may be worth raising an item there with your use case for our product team to review.