Kubectl-octo.yml has permissions "644"

Hello, I have made a ubuntu 16.04 worker with pwsh/docker/kubectl/az to deploy on k8s connected with a service principal in azure.

I have successfully deploy (yay!) but i get warning on all my build steps

WARNING: /etc/octopus/Worker-Linux-001/Work/20210414200127-5603-49/kubectl-octo.yml has permissions “644”.
It should be readable and writable only by its owner.

I understand the problem but what i don’t get is how to prevent it since the Work directory keep getting emptied after the deployment is done

do someone have any idea how to fix this ?

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Hi Robin,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m just trying to get a solution on this one, for you.

It seems like it may be something at the OS level that we may not be able to alter, however I will see what I can find out.


A similar warning appears when using the “Upgrade a Helm Chart” step. Though it sounds like you are running a different step, the same solution may apply.

To fix, a very simple custom deployment script can be added, which changes the permissions on the file before any command is run.

chmod 600 kubectl-octo.yml

Hi Robin,

Just letting you know that we have raised a public ticket regarding this issue.

Feel free to subscribing to the ticket to get the latest updates:

For the moment, this error shouldn’t be stopping your deployments.
Thanks for helping shape Octopus.