Just execute a script on a tentacle

We have really benefitted from OD in our testing/QA process. It’s now a push of a button to get a new release to the QA environment. Something came up, however that doesn’t quite fit in with OD and wondering how others have solved this.

Sometimes our QA engineers want to be able to restore the database. I wrote a powershell script to get this done, but it doesn’t quite fit in our deploy process because we don’t necessarily want the db to be restored when we deploy to QA environemnt. Also, sometimes, they want to be able to just restore the DB without deploying new bits.

I found the Script Console, but that is available for administrators only. Also, I can’t really save the script, import from modules. Haven’t tried using variables yet, so not sure if that works. I want to be able to allow certain users to execute certain canned scripts in a controlled way.


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve been toying with the idea of adding “operations” tasks to projects. For example, imagine a project that deploys a website. You might then set up some commands to restart the site as a PowerShell script, and save it on the project. At any time, a user can then run that command against the project. Would such a feature help?


That sounds pretty much exactly like what I’m looking for!