JSON Replacement is not working

(chris.cochran) #1

i am trying to do JSON replacement on a JSON file on a Linux target using a Linux Tentacle.

Here is the JSON I am working with:

“centralized.config”: {
“UncConfigurationFilePath”: “\\cmdtnas01\Development\configsettings\CM3\appsettings.json”
“loggerPath”: “/var/log/callminer”,
“certPassword”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“Recovery”: {
“ConnectionString”: “/opt/callminer/Callminer.Recovery.db”,
“ScanInterval”: “00:15:00”,
“RotationInterval”: “00:01:00”,
“BatchSize”: 100,
“MaximumAge”: “3.00:00:00”,
“MaximumDbSizeMb”: 3072
“Services”: {
“Services”: [
“FullPath”: “…//Service//MicroService.dll”,
“InstanceCount”: 2

I am trying to replace the value of UncConfigurationFilePath. in variables I am specifying centralized.config:UncConfigurationFilePath and it is not replacing the value. All other Keys I specify in variables are getting the values replaced. Could it be the period?

(Justin Walsh) #4

Hi Chris,

I got your email as well, and we’re looking into this. I’ll post up the outcome of our investigation/resolution here so that it can help anyone who encounters this in the future.