JSON Configuration Variables, unable to set null


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Hi folks,

been using Octopus for quite a few years now, and recently run into an issue with variable substitution in JSON files. No matter what I try, I end up with an empty string in my JSON file, or “null”, instead of a proper null value.

e.g. My JSON file:

“oidc”: {
“authMaxAge”: null

Some Tenants need to have a timestamp string in here, such as “0.00:20:00.0000”, however others should have a null value.

I’ve tried the following:

  • Leaving the variable blank - results in “authMaxAge”: “”
  • Entering the value null in the variable - results in “authMaxAge”: “null”

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I’m on version 3.16.1, and planning to upgrade at the end of this sprint. I’ve seen this topic: https://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/problems/47779-json-configuration-variables-feature-not-allowing-empty-strings-on-version-34 which sounds like what I’m after, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

Thanks very much,

Paul Reynolds

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Some additional information:

  • I’m deploying to Azure Web App
  • The variable I’m using will potentially be assigned from both a Variable Set and Tenant Project Variables

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Hi, thanks for getting in touch.

I might need a little more info to reproduce your exact scenario. However, I can see that the tests for putting null in is still there and working. See here.

Note that there is the usual difference between a variable set to null and one containing the empty string.

Can you give me a little more info about what you are doing and how it’s set up, so I can reproduce my side.


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Thanks Michael,

I’ve attached a screenshot of the variable I’m setting. I’ve tried this on the Project Variables section as well as the Variable Set section. The JSON file looks like this:

Before substitution
“oidc”: {
“authMaxAge”: null

After substitution
“oidc”: {
“authMaxAge”: “”

The default for this value is null, however I wish to configure certain Tenants to have null, and other Tenants to have a string value. I’m deploying to an Azure Web App and using the JSON Configuration Variables options (see 2nd Screenshot).



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Thanks for the screenshots, that helps in reproducing.

Starting fresh and creating a variable, but not entering any value is a null, and so gives “authMaxAge”: null. However, after a value is added, but then deleted, the variable value will be "", and so “authMaxAge”: "".

I’m guessing that at one stage your variable was given a value that was later deleted.

Using the UI, the only way to get back to null after it has had a value is to delete, save and then re-add the variable.


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Hi Michael,

I’ve tried these steps and still no joy unfortunately. I’m going to see how things go once I’ve upgraded to the newest version of Octopus since I know you guys have made a bunch of improvements to the Variable Editing, and the UI in general.


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Great, let me know if you still have any issues.

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