Job never leaves "Qeued" state for specific environment


I am experiencing a problem where one of my jobs is getting put into the “Queued” state when it is deployed to our Dev environment. It then stays in the Queued state until it times out. Other jobs can deploy to our Dev environment without any problems and the problem job can be deployed to other environments.

I’ve included a picture of what the Releases page shows.


Are any other deployments running (you can see on the Tasks page) when the deployment is queued? A deployment will remain queued if another deployment to of the same project to the same environment is in progress.


Hi Paul,

There are no other deployments being run to the Dev environment while project A is queued. In fact, while project A is queued, I am able to successfully deploy other projects to the Dev environment.


Hi Erich,

The next time this happens, would you be able to take a backup of your database (using Configuration -> Storage) and email the backup to me to investigate? (paul at


Hi Paul,

I just had this happen today and have grabbed a snapshot and emailed it to you.


Thanks Erich, I’ll check the email and get back to you.


I was able to recreate this when the following scenario:

  1. Started a deployment to an environment
  2. Octopus started to download the packages and failed because there was not enough space on the Octopus Server
  3. I cancelled the deployment
  4. After cleaning up space, I attempted to start a new deployment and the project now gets stuck in the Queued state.

We are having the exact same issue.

  1. Deployment started.
  2. One of the destination servers didn’t have room for the package.
  3. Cancelled deployment
  4. Try again.
  5. New deployment is stuck in “Queued” old deployment reads “Deployment has been canceled, cancellation pending…”

How do we resolve this?

I was able to reproduce the same issue as Evan and Erich. The steps I followed were:

  1. Deploy release
  2. Saw that tentacles and environments were not properly configured
  3. Cancelled deployment
  4. Fixed tentacle and environment configuration
  5. Retry deployment. It’s been stuck on “Queued” for past 8 minutes

Did anyone find how to resolve this?

We eventually had to access the RavenDB and manually edit the data for that deployment

Hi - we’ve overhauled queuing and cancellation in Octopus 2.0 to make this more reliable, if you’re in a position to try the new RC just released it would be great to confirm that these issues are eliminated.