Jira Integration prevents release creation if it fails

As the title says, if the Jira issue lookup fails, a release cannot be created.

There are two causes that I have found.

  • The issue does not exist (tries looking up a branch name from a merge commit message, eg feature-123)
  • There is a date in the commit message, eg 2021-11-17, which gets looked up in Jira as 2021-11

Using Azure DevOps

Thanks for the Report ko, and welcome to the Octopus Deploy community!

First of all, can I ask about the last line of your ticket - “Using Azure Devops”. Do you have build running via DevOps, that is attempting to map to Jira?

Would you be able to switch on diagnostic logging in ADO then, and provide a copy of that for us?

This will be a quick way for us to repro your current setup.
I will make this ticket, a private ticket so that you can post your logs without the public seeing them.

Can you also give me more information on “a release cannot be created”? Do you see an error message or does it fail silently? Could you provide any screenshots of the issue?



Hi Dane,

Sorry, I was in a rush yesterday and didn’t type out the full details.

We are using Octopus’ Azure DevOps steps to

  1. Push the packages
  2. Push the build metadata
  3. Then create a release

The create release step fails when there are no valid Jira ids, but still have a valid format:

Or when there is a invalid format id in the search (2021-11):

A similar error occurs in the Octopus App Web UI when creating a release from the packages that were pushed where the create release step failed:

Disabling the Jira integration allows releases to be created (but also disables some of our workflows).


Hi Ko,

Thank you for all of the information. This should be enough for us to reproduce the issue. I will let you know when I make some progress.


Hi Kieran,

Apologies for the delay.
I’ve managed to reproduce this issue, so will be raising it with our developers tomorrow.

Thank you for the report!



Hi Kieran,

I’m happy to inform you that this bug has now been fixed and the fixed version will be out in Octopus Deploy version 2021.3.9036 and later.

Unfortunately, the fix is upgrade to Octopus Deploy itself and not just a fix for the Octopus Extension for Jira. If all goes smoothly, 2021.3.9036 is still likely to be a couple of weeks away from GA. I cannot give you an exact timeframe, however please keep an eye out here for the latest GA versions. If you are on a an Octopus cloud environment, you will receive the upgrade before it is available from the download page and you will be upgraded automatically.

Thanks for reporting this issue and helping shape Octopus.



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