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I’m trying to get release metadata displaying in JIRA and additionally get release notes pulled from JIRA directly into my releases. I’ve set the configuration correctly as far as I can tell.

From my research here on the support forum, it was indicated that this feature is only available with certain build servers as a custom metadata file is required separate from the package. As I am not using a build server in my workflow (Octopack via MSBUILD in VS2019) this solution doesn’t suit.

Can you share the schema of this metadata file and instructions on how to include it (whether via Octopack or the REST API)? This would be immensely helpful for those not using a full CI/CD environment.

Hi Joel,

Re-posting this here for public visibility.

This turned into an interesting discussion. As this integration currently works we don’t think it would be as straight forward as you are thinking.

The metadata works with your version control system commits, so you would need a method to pull the required commits for that release out of your VCS, then modify that data into the right shape for the metadata JSON that is then pushed to Octopus. You can see the structure that we are looking for here, and you would also need to ensure that CommentParser is set to Jira.

This is not something that we would be able to support at this point in time.

However, this discussion did prompt an idea for a possible future version of this plugin. If we changed the extension to pull work items based on those linked to a version, rather than from commit messages it would make this process a lot easier. We don’t have any plans to implement this at this stage, so I would recommend raising a uservoice if this would be of interest to you.

Hope that helps!


Thanks again Alex. I’ll update this thread when I jerry rig a solution :slight_smile:

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@Joel_C This might be of some use to you. I recently edited a metarunner for TeamCity based on Alex’s reply. It seems to be working well for us. You can find the metarunner here https://github.com/nullabletype/teamcity-jira-release-notes/blob/master/GenerateJiraReleaseNotes.xml

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