Jira integration - jira items keep appearing in new releases

Hi, I’m trying to get the octopus / jira integration working in order to generate release notes but I’m running into a problem.

I have things working to a point where the Changes section includes the JIRA tickets relevant to the component release. The problem is that once these changes have been deployed to PROD, those JIRA ticket references are included again in the following release, and the next etc…

In JIRA, the Deployments tab has multiple deployment entries per environment for the one JIRA ticket.

I must be missing a step that tells Octopus to exclude JIRA items that have already been deployed but I cannot see where to update.

Any help appreciated.


Hi @wcavanagh,

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Does every release have its own version of every package in it? The way Octopus gets its Build Information like commits and Jira Work items is from the build information tab. When you compare the build information for the version of the package that is in the old release vs the newest release, are the work items the same, or different? Can you please send screenshots via DM that show the build information for the package in question for the 2 releases, as well as the release page showing the specific Work Item you don’t want to be in the release?

Typical behavior will eliminate changes an environment has already seen, however, if the build information for that version of the package has the Work item, it will update Jira, even if it has already seen that Work Item in a previous release for that environment.

Here is expected behavior.

In my scenario, I have deployed 1.0.98 and 1.0.99 to Dev, but nothing to Test. When I deploy 1.0.99 to Test, you will see it shows all of the roll-up changes from the last version it has seen, whereas when I deployed 1.0.99 to Dev, you only see the changes for that specific version, because Dev has seen the changes from 1.0.98.

Dev 1.0.98:

Dev 1.0.99:

Test 1.0.99:

Build Info for 1.0.98:

Build Info for 1.0.99:

Please let me know what you think.


For anyone following along or who finds this in the future, what was discussed in DMs was the above was the case, that the packages had the Jira Work items in multiple versions and Octopus doesn’t make decisions on what to send to Jira. It will send status updates regardless of if it already has sent if it’s in the package for the latest release, so some tinkering on how build information is assembled or how commits/work items are handled before they get to Octopus will be required.

This blog will be published on our official website soon and speaks about this topic.


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