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Hello, team!

Glad to use your app. But i got a error, which can’t to resolve myself.

When I use Octopus Create Release in Jenkins Plugin, I provide a dynamic name for the Release. And I get an error from Octopus as a result. True, this error does not affect the build result, but I would like to somehow resolve it. What can I do?

Hi @varaksinsy,

Thanks for getting in touch!

It does look like using the *.i to increment the release version is causing some confusion within the plugin when it tries to generate the build summary. It is checking for the literal releasenumber.i instead of the incremented releasenumber.1

I’ve replicated this within my own test environment and will raise it with our engineers to investigate further.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate any workaround to prevent this check and error message from appearing.


Hello, Paul!

Got you. Thank you for the updating.
I found way for my task (I’m using build number for the cresting a release in octopus)

Will wait any feature about this bug.

Thank you.

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An issue for this has been opened if you want to track the progress: Jenkins Octopus Plugin does not handle release with version template · Issue #103 · OctopusDeploy/octopus-jenkins-plugin · GitHub

Thank you.
Will wait for anu updates

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