Issues with Red Gate Database deployment step

We’re in the middle of converting from Red Gate Deployment Manager to Octopus Deploy. For the most part it’s gone smoothly, but we’re having some trouble with the database schema deployments.

  1. When the Red Gate Database step runs SQL Compare to synchronize the changes to the database, it uses the “/include:Identical” flag, meaning it tries to redeploy unchanged objects to the DB. This caused the synchronization to fail.

Running the command line on my local machine, I get the same issue; changing it to not use the /include:Identical flag resulted in a successful deployment from the command line locally.

Is there any way to turn that flag off when OD is running the deployment?

  1. Why is it running post-deploy validation, when the actual deploy failed?

  2. I can’t tell for sure, but the log doesn’t make any reference to the filter.scpf file included in our database package. Red Gate Deployment Manager would automatically include those when calling SQL Compare. Is that no longer supported?

We’re currently on Octopus Deploy v3.2.9. I’ve attached a sanitized log.

ServerTasks-74080.log.txt (21 KB)

Hi Andrew,

Looking at the logs it appears that you are not quite using Octopus Deploy with the most appropriate tool.
Ideally you should be using SQL Release (which has its own set of Powershell commands) and not SQL CI.
Bearing that in mind please find below examples on how to use SQL Release and Octopus Deploy:

Regarding the option to use SQL Compare options in SQL Release please read the following:

and finally how to use SQL Compare filters in SQL Release:

If you have any further questions, please contact us by using the following form:

Thank you,
Sergio Rocha
Product Support Engineer
Redgate Software

Thanks! The original method was the method that had been set up by the conversion from Red Gate Deployment Manager to Octopus Deploy. Removing that and using your “Deploy from Package” step template instead works as expected, so I’m good to go.

I should note that the templates currently in the library give warnings because some of the SQL Release PowerShell commandlets have been renamed. I changed them in my template, but it would be nice if the library versions were updated too…