Issues with favorites list


i have been having two issues with the Projects (favorites) list i wanted to report.

  1. there seems to be a limit on the number of project you can favorite and have them show up in the dropdown menu under Projects. I saw that there was someone else who reported this back in June. Not sure what the result of that conversation was. Is this by design? how many projects can i make a favorite? seems to be around 20? was this ever going to be increased?
  2. i have attached a screenshot where I have two projects who’s name is actually getting cutoff due to its size and i assume the place its getting cutoff is on a space. I assume you are trying to avoid wordwrapping, but maybe you could make the dropdown menu have a horizontal scrollbar for longer project names. its impossible for me to tell which projects these are in its current state. I supposed i could rename them, but i really shouldnt have to.

Hi Kirk,

Sorry about this, we’ll have it fixed in Octopus 2.0