Issues running powershell on listening tentacle

I have a listening tentacle installed on a windows server 2012 rs vm to be bale to run a powershell script to run my automated tests. I get exceptions when it is calling the sendwait command as well as writing to a text file. Any ideas what I might be missing? I’ve included a screen shot of the errors:


Thanks for getting in touch!

The Tentacle process runs as a Windows Service, so it can’t present a UI. “Access denied” is happening because you are trying to use SendKeys which sends messages to UI components; as Tentacle has no UI, it can’t execute that command.

A workaround would be to run Tentacle interactively (stop the service, and double-click Tentacle.exe). This should allow it to interact with the desktop.


Worked perfect, thanks! Now the only weird part is that it looks like the deploy is getting stuck after running said script and just continues to claim to be running.