Issue with Tasks

The letter “a” is getting replaced with ******* in the tasks for every log. I am not sure if I accidentally touched a setting that is causing it.

here is an example…

Loding ile 'E:\Octopus\Applictions\Development\DotNet40Smple\1.0.14247.2\Web.conig’ or Octopus vrible substitution
Info 08:45:24

thank you much!

Nevermind, I was able to restart the service on the server and everything is normal now.


Hi Mani,

Thanks for getting in touch! I am glad you were able to sort this out.
Just so you know what happened (and for anyone stumbling onto this thread): When you enter a secure variable, we cache that and mask it wherever we find it, so if, when you were testing you added an ‘a’ as your masked variable, it was masking every a. The only way to remove the cache is to restart the service as you found.



Thanks so much for the response! :slight_smile: good to know what actually got fixed when I restarted…

Thanks again!