Issue facing while deploying the Dacpac


We are using the Octopus to deploy the application in Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database. But while we trying to deploy a new Database we are facing issues.

I have attached the RAW output file and also the deployment Power shell script with this template.

DacpacDeploymentscript.ps1 (17.8 KB)
ServerTasks-29247.log.txt (74.1 KB)


Thank you for getting in touch and sending your logs.

Does the DACPAC deployment work outside of Octopus? It looks like the error is coming from the permissions contained in your DACPAC, my guesses would be that the DACPAC is invalid or the account used to perform the deployment requires more access.



I checked the DACPAC, Its working fine outside the Octopus.

I used the same DACPAC and the same credentials in powerShell to publish it to the same environment and it’s working fine.

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