Issue extracting Nuget and zip pacakge


I am facing an issue while extracting the Octopus package. Seems to me it fails when the path of any sub-folder or files within the package is too long. We have scenario where file path can be long and is not in our control.

I have tried extracting the nuget package and also zip package both manually both have the files where extraction fails.

Is there any solution for this and extract all files.

Also if is there any way we cab stop Octopus to extarct the package then I can use powershell script to unzip the zipped package. what i found I have to use Deploy package step to aquire the package and then only I can access files, but when we use deploy packkage step it tries to extract it.

Any other work around for such scenario what I want at the end is to extract all files and sub folder with in the package at network location.

Here is the error:-

System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\Scripts\OctopusTentacle\Applications\PreProd\SimCorp\2022.8.5.5\2022-03-22\CHG0044689 - SimCorp - Update to administrator RBC ETF files to support IGUSETF1 fund launch\Release\2022-03-20t11-31-31z_scuatred_batchjobs_all_rwoolmore.cei-RBC_ETF_TF_POSAL-RELEASE.cei’

As i said Package folder and files names are not something in our control.

Sunil Bindra

Hi @sbindra,

Thanks for reaching out on our community forum. I’m sorry that you’re having issues with your deployment. There are a few options you could look into for this problem:

  1. (Recommended) Enable long paths on your server if it’s something you have control over. You can find more details about this on Microsoft’s docs here: Maximum Path Length Limitation - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs (will likely require a server restart or at least a tentacle service restart)

  2. (Workaround) You can adjust your deployment/packages in ways that reduce your overall path length - you can use a custom install directory, if you’re not, or rework the package name to try and shorten things up. As this is a laborious process that will likely need to be done manually on each project, we recommend using option 1 above.

I know that you may be limited in what you can change for Option 2, but hopefully, you can modify the deployment process or the package name to shorten things a bit or use option 1 to resolve the issue.


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