Is there anyway to skip multiple steps for deployment using octo.exe?

I would like to skip multiple steps during deployment using command line (octo.exe). It works for one step, but it fails if I try multiple steps using comma.

–skip = stepA, StepB, StepC or --skip = “stepA, StepB, StepC”

Getting following error

No step/action named ‘stepA, StepB, StepC’ could be found when deploying to environment ‘{ Name = Dev, Promote = Octopus.Clien
t.Model.DeploymentPromotionTarget }’, so the step cannot be skipped.


Thanks for reaching out. You need to use --skip per each step you want to skip, like this:

Octo.exe deploy-release --skip=StepA --skip=StepB --skip=StepC

Hope that helps,

Hi Dalmiro, Yes this works. Thanks for your quick response.