Is there any way to trigger an Octopus Deploy release without using the inbuilt Nuget feed?

I’m using Octopact/TFS and a private nuget feed but to deploy changes into the develpoment environment I need to manually go into Octopus and create the release because my TFS build server cannot reach the Octopus server due to the network setup (welcome to government).

I’m about to write a small polling service to check the nuget feed for new packages and create an Octopus release through the API on a schedule.

Is there a better way to do this?


Thanks for reaching out. I’m afraid that given those network restrictions, that polling service might be the only way to go. Octopus offers many ways to trigger deployments, but they all depend on you being able to reach the Octopus server.

If you’re gonna sit down on build something, I’d recommend you to build a small service that polls data from a text file or a database. This txt/db will have an entry for each time you ran a build, and each entry will have a full Octo.exe command to be executed. The entry would be added by a step on your build process.

In case you don’t know, Octo.exe is a command line tool that can create releases and trigger deployments:

This could be a bit more useful than just checking for new packages, as there might be times where you might wanna trigger a deployment without creating a new package.

Good luck with that Gov network :slight_smile: