Is there any way to create plugins for Octopus?


The REST API is fantastic, but is there a way to create plugins, extensions, etc. for the Octopus app itself? For example, maybe I would like to add a button to the UI that creates a project based on a template, create a step that is conditionally executed (a feature that I know people have been asking for for a long time), etc. All my googling for this has only returned results about other products that provide plugins for Octopus; I can’t seem to find anything related to Octopus itself.

Hi David,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently there is no way for customers to create their own plugins for Octopus itself. I know some create extensions for chrome/Firefox but those mostly affect UI, there isn’t any beneath the hood stuff you are able to do this way. Creating the ability to do this whilst a great idea, would be very a resource demanding task and take a lot of oversight and planning from our devs. We would love to get the communities thoughts and ideas surrounding this so your best avenue would be UserVoice.