Is there any support for SSIS packages planned?

I’m currently using TeamCity as my CI server and I’m transitioning the deployment of SSIS packages from TeamCity over to OctopusDeploy.

Previously, I would run custom packaging and deployment logic through powershell scripts. This worked well enough but I would like to utilize the features of OctopusDeploy (e.g. OctoPack) if possible.

Is there any way I can easily generate a OctopusDeploy compatible .nukpg from a SSIS project? I need to be able to do this for SSIS 2012 (VS2010) and SSIS 2008 (VS2008) projects. In both scenarios, I need to deploy a .dtsx to a server.


You’d need to use the NuGet.exe command line tool to create the NuGet package manually; unfortunately we don’t have a quick way of creating NuGet packages from SSIS packages.


You can do that by just adding nuspec file to your SSIS Solution.In the file section add

then Octopus create the .nukpg for you. I hope this helps