Is there an Azure packaging example

Hey Paul,

Your [Azure Deployments documentation] ( does a good job explaining what to do once you have a proper package but does not suggest a best practice for generating said package.

As it is now, it seems to me that the best way to manage this is to create a separate assembly whose sole purpose is to contain a nuspec file to point at the two Azure artifacts (cspkg/cscfg) since that file cannot be added to an azure project itself nor does it belong in a specific application project (web/worker role) because the package likely bundles multiple of these.

Can you please address this topic in the documentation? Is this something that OctoPack can handle? It sure would be awesome if your TeamCity plugin would do it for you.



I agree with David on this. The docs are better when using Octopack, but not so much in the Azure Octopus package scenario.

One way of doing this:

Created a simple folder in your sln called Deployment and add the nuspec file:

with the nuspec containing


<?xml version="1.0"?> @@@

Executing the Nuget pack with this nuspec as input, will then create the wanted Octopus Azure package.