Is there a way to set up continous deploy with octopus?

I’ve started to try octopus out and wondering if it is any way to set up continous deploy? It seems like I have to click the button in the UI, but I would like to have it done automatically. Or do I have to use the REST api to do that?

Hi Tomas,

You can use the REST API, or use Octo.exe to trigger releases:

Hope that helps,


Thank you, but where do I find the information about the REST API? Great project you have here by the way!

Hi Thomas,

There isn’t any documentation about the REST API just yet, but you can start by going to http://your-octopus-server/api. From there you’ll be able to follow the links to see what resources are available. You can GET anything, but some not all resources support POST or PUT. Octo.exe provides a good example of how the API can be consumed.