Is there a way to publish created artifacts to the next step?

I am creating a config file on one tentacle on the first step and want it to be used in continuing steps.
Is there a way to deploy the artifact created with New-OctopusArtifact command to the new step without using the API. Only with the help of Script Console.

Hi Mr Wheelkers

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That’s not scenario we really support, can you explain a bit more about what / why you’re trying to do ?


Hi Damian,
There is a config file that is prepared during one of the initial deploy steps. It is about 30-40 megs in size. I was wondering if there is a possibility to transfer the file from one step to all the following steps (considering they may happen on different tentacles). The first idea was to create an artifact. Now I see it is used here for different purposes. I am also restricted from using direct calls to Octopus API.

Maybe you can advise me another way I can transfer files from one step to another?


Hi Mr,

Thanks for the reply.

A 30 mb config file! Wow, what sort of app is that ?
I’m assuming is resource intensive so you don’t want to re-do it each time ?

Do you have some fileshare you could copy it to / from ? Or is it something you could generate as a build artifact and package it ?

I don’t have any “easy” ideas for you on this one, it’s not something we get asked a lot.

Also, why do you have a restriction on the API ?