Is there a way to not require bindings when using the IIS web site and application pool config section?

I am trying to replace our current powershell script with the new features in v2 for creating a site and creating/updating an app pool on deploy. I think I should be able to do this with the IIS web site and application pool config section except since my deploy is not a top level website it does not have bindings as a property and since bindings is a required field in the config I can’t use this section. Is there something I am missing or a way around this problem.


Hi Dustin,

Currently you need to continue to use PowerShell; we’re working on vdir/app support.


I’m not seeing this changed in the latest 2.6 build one year later. I too would like to use the appPool configuration option, but it still requires Bindings to be exclusively set.

The bindings very quite a bit, even multiple versions of the same we b app on some servers.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for getting in touch!
While the binding is required in the interface, and one binding must be set, if you click Edit, you can set it to not enabled.
So it will skip that part of the deployment for you (even though it is still in the interface as a binding).

Hope this helps!

How do I create a step that deploys to the root website? It seems Virtual Directory Name and Parent Directory are required. I must be missing something

Hi Dave,

Sorry but I am not sure how your question relates to this topic. You will need to provide much more information about the issue you are having, the process you are using and your desired outcome otherwise we are grasping at straws. Could you provide more details about what steps you are using and what is not happening that you would like to?