Is there a way to get information out of Octopus Deploy, such as the date/time of the last successful deploy?

I’m using Octopus Deploy to manage 12-15 different deploys of various branches of our codebase. Because there are so many, I’ve created a simple html page that people can bring up in their browser to see all the deploys and links to the actual sites.

I’d like to include a date/time of the last successful deploy, and maybe some other info, such as release number. Is there a way to query Octopus Deploy for this information? Or any other way to easily get it?

I thought about using a powerbuilder script to output the info to a text file that I could then display or somehow access from my HTML link page, but a powerbuilder script runs on the deploy machines. I would need something to write a text file to the Octopus Deploy server machine, as that’s where the html link page lives.

Hi Barbra,

Octopus has a REST API that you can use to take this kind of data. Browse to http://your-octopus-server/api

To get the most recent deployments of each project, go to:

http://your-octopus-server/api/projects/<project ID>/most-recent-deployment/

There you can find the start time, completed time, success/failure, and so on.