Is there a way to check if a step was skipped during deployment in Octopus Deploy?

In my process, I have a number of deploy package steps that also run custom scripts. Some of the scripts should only partially run if other steps in the process were skipped. Is there a way of checking if any steps in my process were skipped?

This can be achieved using Octopus system variables. Octopus provides variables to track deployment and the status of each step, and this will help us check if a step was skipped.

Let’s say I have a process with three steps, the third step deploys a package and runs a custom PS script post-deployment, but I only want the script to partially run if step 1 wasn’t skipped.

I’m going to use Octopus.Action[A].IsSkipped variable to check if the step was skipped.

Write-Host 'Running Custom Script'

$IsStepSkipped = $OctopusParameters["Octopus.Action[Step-1].IsSkipped"]

if ($IsStepSkipped -ne "True"){

Write-Host 'Step was not skipped, so do some more work...'


If Step-1 wasn’t skipped, then $IsStepSkipped would return a blank value, but if it is, then it will return true.

You could also include $OctopusParameters["Octopus.Action[Step-1].IsSkipped"] in your project variables and use run condtions to evaluate the value.