Is there a difference between ActionTemplates and StepTemplates?

I’m still relatively new to Octopus Deploy. I have downloaded and used StepTemplates. Reviewing user roles I see we can view/edit, etc. ActionTemplates. I was initially thinking these are actually the same thing, but I’ve not seen that written anywhere (maybe I just missed it). I also see that there are system variables as octopus.step.xxxx and octopus.action.yyyy, and so on, making me think that steps and actions are not the same thing, so step templates and action templates may also not actually be the same thing.

If these are not the same, can you explain the difference and how I can use them?

Thank you

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The permissions that are called “ActionTemplate…” are for step templates. I believe step templates were originally called action templates.

In a deployment process, steps and actions are different. A deployment process consists of steps and steps have actions. There is some documentation here that describes the differences:

Hope that helps.