Is there a command to deploy the latest project version for an environment or role?


I am currently using the PowerShell script (found here to automatically install and register the Tentacle. Is there a command that we can use to also automatically deploy a list of Projects to that new provisioned machine and have the OD server deploy the latest available version?

For example)

Environments: QA, UAT and Production

Proj1: (Most recent versions)
QA: 1.0.5
UAT: 1.0.4
Production: 1.0.1

Let’s say I run the script above to create and register a new Tentacle with the Environment = Production, is there a way to run a script to also tell it to deploy the “latest-version” for that environment and it will deploy 1.0.1?

I know there is an option for “–version latest”, but that will attempt to deploy 1.0.5 to Production.

My Current Versions:
Server and Tentacle:


Hi Charles,

Good question. You could use octo.exe promote-release to promote the current Production environment over the top of Production (so --from and --to would be the same). You can then specify --specificmachines to have it only deploy to the current machine.

Here’s more information on the command:

Hope that helps!


Hi Paul,

That worked!

Thank you