Is their a way to reach into Autosys scheduler through using an Octopus step template/script?

We are wanting to put a command in to Autosys which will trigger a couple of jobs to run on the Mainframe. Anybody have experience or been successful with including any kind of process that allows you to reach out to Autosys through Octopus deployment.


Thanks for reaching out!

If you have the commands for Autosys, it shouldn’t be hard to put them on a step template. If you are looking for help with this, check our documentation on creating Step Templates:

Now if you don’t have the commands to call Autosys, you might wanna ask in their forum, or wait until someone in the community replies on this thread :). Unfortunately we do not have enough Autosys experience to provide help with that part of the process.


Any update to this? Can anybody else out their weigh in ?