Is Octopus Deploy right for me?


I am debating with others if Octopus Deploy is right for our business and would welcome your opinions if I am going down the right road please.

We are a SaaS provider and each client gets a web site of We use Microsoft Visual Studio Online (VSTS) for the git, build and CI/CD to a UAT website in a Azure UAT environment. Once we sign off the code in UAT, I need to deploy that across 100’s client sites on our PaaS outside of Azure.

The problem I have here is that VSTS understands the destination environment but not all of my client sites.

Am I right in assuming that I can use VSTS with the Octopus Integration to push a build out to the Production environment (not a particular client site) and then use Octopus to pick that code up from a repository in Prod, then manage the deployment across the 100’s of client sites CI/CD style?

I need to do loads of other things which I do not do in VSTS:

  • pull variables from a CMDB
  • build DNS A record via an API
  • create several Active Directory accounts
  • build the website itself
  • build the SQL database
  • build the FTP account via n API
  • etc etc

Is Octopus right for me? Thanks


Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch! While you could perform all of those tasks via Octopus you would need to script a vast majority of it yourself. This may be fine for you as it will mean a consistent automated process. Not a lot of these features will be out of the box.

That said, if you were looking to seriously consider using full automation, and have the ability to rethink your processes as they are now, you could utilize quite a few of the inbuilt Octopus features such as multi-tenancy for your SaaS clients.
Octopus will give you the ability to do API scripting and then build a deployment from that. You could also have constructor or orchestration projects that control the main deployments. It would always be wise to build in the deployment to UAT as this is a great way to determine how well a production deployment would run.

I do think you would benefit from a trial, and we are happy to help answer questions to get you started. Managing as much as you can through Octopus (even if this means a project that updates variables and settings via an API scripting process) will give you the nicest solution that would use the most of our features.

Please let me know if this is something you are interested in and I can point you at a few videos and walk-throughs you might get the most benefit from.