Is it possible to share variables across a limited number of projects?

I suspect the answer is no, but before I raise on User Voice I just wanted to get a definitive answer.

We have a number of projects which all need to share a number of common variables.
Library variable sets seemed perfect for this…
However, we are only able to edit library variable sets if the user has permission to edit variables across all projects.
Is it possible to edit a variable set without this level of privilege? Ie just share permissions across a limited number of projects.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately you are right, its not possible to share variable sets across a limited number of projects. The suggestion is already out there for you to vote for it:

What you could do is use the REST API to add the variables to the projects from a file( see this cmdlet). It wont be the same though, as you’ll need to run the cmdlet every time you change the variables file.

Best regards,