Is it possible to share infrastructure between spaces?

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I recently inherited an octopus deploy installation that was not configured / setup very well. I want to leave what’s there in place since it does work while I setup everything from scratch again. It appears I can do that by creating a new space and doing all my work there, however it will end up on the same deployment targets that currently exist. Is it possible to setup deployment targets that exist multiple spaces? Do i need to install multiple tentacle services on the target(s)? Is there best practice instructions for doing that?

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Thanks for getting in touch. You are correct on both counts. It is possible to have the same deployment target in multiple Spaces, but you will need to configure a new instance of the Tentacle on each deployment target.

It is worth noting that this new instance of the Tentacle will need to use a different port number from the current Tentacle,
Also, if you are using a version of Octopus Server below 2019.7.3, deployment targets that exist in each Space that represent the same physical hardware will each count towards your machine limit.

I hope this clarifies things for you, please let me know if you have any further questions.

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