Is it possible to pass tentacle agent Private IP address through Azure Scale set VMs tentacle Extension

We have a use case where azure scale set vms tentacle agent needs to register with octopus server using its private IP address instead of using public IP through tentacle extension so is this possible ?

[ Scale set vms names are not register with DNS but it can talk to octopus server through private IP ]


Thanks for getting in touch.

If you’re using an ARM Template (as shown in this blog post), you can supply custom public settings as seen in the Tentacle VM Extension Configuration documentation.

One of those settings is PublicHostNameConfiguration, which includes an option for Custom. Using this, you can then try providing CustomPublicHostName of your private IP address.

We haven’t tested this scenario, but that would be our recommendation based on the available configuration settings for the ARM template.

Please let us know how you go.