Is it possible to mark a deployment as "changed" if it is altered?

We are looking at using Octopus Deploy for deploying multiple BizTalk applications.

Some BizTalk applications have dependencies on other applications which require them to be removed first.

As part of the process, as an application is installed it will remove other dependent applications. The Dashboard will of course, show the last successful deployment of the uninstalled application.

I know there is a way to delete a deployment via the REST API, but this will only then display the previous deployment. I would rather not delete ALL deployments, as we would then lose the history.

Instead is there a way we could just mark a single deployment in an environment as “changed”. (meaning that it has been removed outside of Octopus). So when Devs see the dashboard they can instantly know that some of the applications have been removed as part of the installation of another application.

(Hope this makes sense!)

I am also open to other suggestions for deployment of dependent BizTalk applications via Octopus if you are aware of any! :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting in touch! Octopus will always show the last deployment status (successful or not). It wont track if an applications was removed as part of another installation process. Unfortunately there is no way to mark a deployment as “Changed”.

We are aware of some customers deploying BizTalk with Octopus, but we aren’t aware of the very specifics of how they do it. Generally anything that can be packaged and goes to a Windows server can be deployed, but it might mean some custom PowerShell to make it happen.



That might be a feature request then. An optional custom status on a deployment artefact that can be set via the Rest API? :slight_smile: Give it a value and a colour and of course it would be overwritten if a deployment is successful/failed/cancelled.


Please post it on so the community can vote/comment on it, and we can evaluate it based on the feedback :slight_smile:


Now we wait. :slight_smile:

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