Is it possible to make a shared phase between projects?


We have two projects that are VERY similar, so they’re sharing a lot of code and functionality. We have them as separate projects in Octopus. Problem is - our acceptance tests (specflow and selenium) run for quite a while, around an hour - and since both projects are sharing most of the functionality - we would like to have a shared acceptance phase between these two projects. Versions in both projects are matching, and we have a separate package for tests.

We could try to make them both work in the single pipeline - but we prefer not to do this because they’re still separate apps and we want to keep their variables and processes separated, it’s just some performance optimization that we seek :slight_smile:

Any ways to do something similar?

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Hi Justas,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately, we do not have anything in the way of cross project validation. After a chat with the developers, we have an idea of how you could achieve this though.
If you were to set some kind of condition in each project, you could have a third project that polls for the condition being met via script. If both conditions = yes, promote the release. Short of this idea, we don’t really have anything that can help out here sorry.

We have some documentation with the command line used to promote a release.

Let me know what you think. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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