Is it possible to add aws CodeArtifact as external Nuget package source

Dear Sir/Madam,

I tried to add my AWS CodeArtifact as external Nuget package source. But could not find any useful document. Could you give me some suggestions?

Thank you.


Hi Max,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I don’t believe this is something that we have tested as of yet, however, if it acts like a typical NuGet Feed then you should be able to configure it in Octopus with the usual steps: NuGet feeds - Octopus Deploy


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your information. Is it possible to use aws API key? I could only find username/password option in NuGet feeds.


It would be worth trying to add the API key to the username and/or password field for see if AWS accepts this but you may be limited to access key and secret key here.

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