Is guided Failure with Offline Deployment supported?

Hey guys is guided Failure with Offline Deployment supported? It works fine when using a tentacle to deploy but when doing an offline deployment it just fails.

If guided Failure with Offline Deployment is not supported, is there a recommended approach to ignore and continue if a step errors\fails?


Thanks for getting in touch. What kind of errors/failures are you seeing?

If the deployment encounters an error when attempting to reach the Offline target, then guided failure would pick this up as usual.
If it is failing after this point, then, unfortunately, due to no data being sent back from the offline target, guided failure is unable to be used.

The only possible workaround that comes to mind for you would be to try amending the Run Condition of the process steps. If this is just in regards to a single step that isn’t critical, you could set the preceding step to run regardless of a failure.

I hope this helps, please let me know if I can help any further.

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